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Seiva look at the Portuguese soul – present in work songs, in pilgrimages, in square drums (Adufe) and tambourines, in ancient rhythms and songs of faith, with special emphasis on the “Senhoras” songs, the women who protect, welcome, and know all evils. The women of immemorial ancestry invoked in songs that transform faith into true healing acts.

Joana Negrão, after years of learning with older women about ancient songs and female percussion, incarnates each one of these women in her performances and gives herself to them with love and devotion in each song.


Seiva find, in the traditional Portuguese female songs, the root of their identity which gains even more echo in the percussions of Rita Nóvoa, who combines grace and strength with drums that make your heart beat faster. Rhythms that time leaves behind but that are reinvented in new existences and new textures. Seiva are also the viola braguesa, the cavaquinho, the Portuguese bagpipes, and the electricity and electronics of Vasco Ribeiro Casais.

Seiva look forward to breaking new ground, mixing tradition with electronics and electricity without shame or purism. They bring all this rurality to the rock-urban habitat of their members and they try to renew their whole culture and show it to the World.


Seiva began their career in 2014, with the goal of making a musical project totally based on Portuguese oral tradition. Heirs of Dazkarieh, Vasco Ribeiro Casais and Joana Negrão brought to Seiva their know how and will to explore the Portuguese traditional music even further. They wanted to create a band that sought the deepest Portuguese roots – the most hidden and ancient ones.

In May 2015 they released their first album, homonym and author edition, with physical distribution worldwide by the German label Galileo MC and with digital distribution on all platforms, starting from the beginning with the idea of opening doors outside Portugal. Their debut single "Dura de Roer" ran on a playlist at TSF (Portuguese Radio), and the album promotion took them to Radio Dreyeckland in Germany, Radio Popolare in Italy, Les Rutes del So in Barcelona, which named the album Seiva as the 2nd best of 2015.


Seiva played a series of concerts at venues and festivals throughout Portugal and received good reviews in folk and worldmusic magazines and sites such as fRoots, Songlines, Folker, Folkworld, and some out-of-doors concerts such as Folk Hebst in Germany, Eurofonik festival inNantes (France), the Ghanafest Festival in Malta, and the Night of the Arts in Helsinki (Finland).

In 2019, Seiva won the “Prémio Impulso” award for best concert, attributed by EXIB – Expo Iberoamericana de Música. In 2020 showcase at the WestWay Lab (played and streamed live), at the BIME City of Bilbao and SIM São Paulo (West Way Lab streaming), and enter the roster for the INES Talent 2020. In 2021 they streamed live to the NAMM 2021 Festival, and performed live at the opening ceremony fo Womex.

In 2022 they release "Murmúrios e outros rumores" and the children's book "Da Seiva à Árvore". Seiva also perform in festivals all over Portugal such as Tradidanças, Do Bira ao Samba, Rio de Onor, Tradfest (Galicia), Feira da Dieta Mediterrânea, Fólio, among many others.


Vocals, Portuguese bagpipes, Adufe;


Braguesa, Cavaquinho, Adufe, Portuguese bagpipes; 


Portuguesas percussions ;


(...)"Vocal creativity and poetic flair (Negrão has the gift).(...)listeners conditioned to equate Portugal exclusively with fado will find compelling evidence to thecontraryintheresplendentmusicalheartbeatthatisSeiva.”
Michael Stone - fRoots.(UK)

(...)"beautifully crafted sound tapestry of Portuguese Bagpipes, tambourine, viola braguesa, adufe, and cavaquinho.” Gonçalo Frota – Songlines (UK) (...)"The music is not sad and melancholic, but lush and exuberant. Joana Negrão is an awesome vocalist." Tom Keller - Folkworld (DE)

(...)"a talented group of musicians who are innovating Portuguese folk music”. in (USA)

(...)"a journey filled with emotions.” in (FR)

(...)"tradition and modernity together with boundless energy." in (FR)

(...)"strong melodies and even better arrangements" in Folker (DE)

(...)"Oiça-se Seiva com a urgência das coisas inadiáveis e deixe-se correr a seiva com que as suas canções nos vivificam, revitalizam." Armando Carvalheda - Antena 1

(...)"Seiva - música tradicional portuguesa mas com um pó de modernidade. Nuno Rogeiro - Sic Notícias

(...)"uma maior “portugalidade instrumental” com Vasco Casais a ir mais longe na exploração sónica de instrumentos tradicionais portugueses como o cavaquinho e a viola braguesa, (...) é evolução com certeza.”
António Pires – Blitz.



"SEIVA" 2015

"Murmurios e outros rumores" 2022

"Da Seiva à Árvore" 2022


2022 - "Chula Cega"

2022 - "Esta noite sai a ronda"

2021 - Namm livestream

2021 - "Virgem da Consolação"

2015 "Margaça" @ Moagem de Sampaio

2015 "Senhora do Leite" @ Moagem de Sampaio


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t.: +351 91 821 3331
t.: +351 93 636 5379

Photos: Rita Carmo/ Iolanda Pereira/ Óscar Barros

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